Co-Curricular Activities

Inter House Dance Competition

An Inter House Dance Competition for the students of class V to X was held on 15th June. The children dressed up in colorful costumes and swayed to the beats of folk music. The vivacious dances enthralled the audience with their energetic performance. The first position was bagged by Brahmaputra House. The second position was secured by Kaveri House. Principal Mrs. Preeti Bararia addressed the gathering and congratulated the winners.

Literary Fest

To enhance the diverse thinking among students and helping them hone their creative skills and imagination, MES Kishore Kendra Public School conducted a two days literary fest recently.
Students from Grade I to X enthusiastically participated in the event. Walking through the portals of literary world, the students excelled in events like debate, elocution, declamation, dumb charades, quiz, memory game etc.,

The fest thus kindled the fire of literary passion thereby adding an unforgettable fervor of knowledge.

Art Club Activity

Art club helps students increase their knowledge of various forms of arts and providing a venue for them to express their creativity. Art club activity was conducted at MES Kishore Kendra Public School on 7th July. Students of Grade I to X enthusiastically participated in various activities such as mehandi design, tattoo art, nail art, cloth collage, paper collage, rangoli, button stitching, fabric paint etc., It turned out to be a fun filled activity for them as they showcased their creative side to the utmost.

Science Club Activity

Students of Grade I to X exhibited their scientific temperament through various science related activities such as simple machines using waste products, model of plant cell using edible materials, three states of matter, electroscope, crystalline forms of carbon, series of parallel electric circuit etc.,