Our History


As the name itself suggests, kishora Kendra is a school run by the Mysore Education Society with the sole aim of providing a happy learning experience where the emphasis is on learning the three R’s effectively without losing the excitement of learning. The philosophy of the school is guided by two principles:

  • A child’s ability to learn must never be underestimated.
  • “Education is a kindling of a flame and not filling a vessel” as said by Socrates. The teacher sparks excitement of learning and lights the individual’s imagination. This love for learning one’s kindled carries a child forward. “Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya’ – is thus motto of the school.

M.E.S. Kishora Kendra was started in 1979 as a play centre. Now it has grown into a composite college comprising of Primary and High School along with Junior College recognized by the Govt. of Karnataka. At the school level it has strength of 1200. It follows state board curriculum. Kishora Kendra aims at providing the children a free atmosphere to develop their individual talent and encourage them to learn uninhibitedly.

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Principal’s Desk


Every academic year brings forth new challenges and new opportunities. It requires dedication to pursue the goals of the institution. This can be done by not resting on past laurels – but to pursue with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. Start by doing what is possible and you will find that you are doing the impossible. Every day brings forth new opportunities to learn more. At M.E.S. Kishora Kendra School we make the learning experience meaningful and happy. We believe that each child is unique and gifted and a child’s capacity to learn and create is infinite.

In our School, the teachers and the administrative staff will make sure that your child learns to respect his school, family and his country. Teachers at school and parents at home are equal partners in providing a holistic education of your child. Our endeavour is to teach each of our students to define success by overcoming the obstacles that come in their way and finding new paths to reach their goals.

We believe in “Simple living and high thinking”




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