To be known as an institution providing excellent education and to be internationally recognized as a leading educational institution


*Providing need based and cost effective education.

*Focus on job opportunities.

*Foster entrepreneurial talent among the students.


To create an excellent ambience for teaching and learning.


* To self evaluate, set goals, raise the bar and strive for consistent and sustained growth.

* To develop and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

* Evolving students to acquire contemporary management ideas and concepts.

* To provide education to marginalized deserving students, to organize workshops, conferences and training program.

* To encourage the students all-round development.


Academic organizations are a very unique kind of social institutions – they are a curious combination of entities with singular focus and plural perspectives. An institution of this kind is often found to be an abode of advanced learning with a particular focus and at the same, time a confluence of many ideas, beliefs and theories. Education is the most powerful tool in the world which empowers the creativity and manifests the inner views of the students. The significant challenges facing higher education are rapidly changing technology, competition from various educational institutions, commercialization of education, growing public expectation etc; against these dramatic and societal changes, MESIOM strives to provide affordable, high quality and value based education to a large section of students to realize their potential and become responsible citizens of the country.

Education brings out the best in us keeping this credo in mind, we at the MESIOM, strive to ignite the young minds by channelising and synchronizing their energies. We provide the students a platform to inculcate interactive and pro-active qualities and have a commitment to continuous improvement. We consciously undertake to develop their leadership qualities and instill in them an attitude for intellectual growth and develop skills necessary for self reliance.

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