The National Service Scheme (or the NSS in short) has been very active at MES.  This scheme is instituted by the Central Government of India and is being run at colleges throughout India.  The scheme intends at providing an opportunity to college students to serve the needy, inculcate a sense of compassion towards the needy and ultimately develop a sense of patriotism. Several villages have been adopted by the NSS of our college for long term service.

The NSS unit at MES College is as old as it is in Bangalore University itself.

This scheme is being operated at MES College through various activities such as village service camps, service at old-age homes, orphanages, planting of saplings, de-siltation of lakes, road making, adult education, restoration of historical monuments, spread of socially relevant messages etc.  NSS at MES also aims at personality development of the student volunteers, to develop their soft skills.

Students who join NSS at MES experience an attitudinal change and develop a deep sense of service mindedness.  In fact ex-NSS volunteers of MES College have formed an informal group called NSS Samsara (with some of them belonging to the 1975-76 batch at MES College).  This group does varied social activities and also helps the conduct of NSS activities at the college.

NSS has been offering a very pleasant, useful and satisfaction rendering service opportunity to its volunteers.