The English Department was instituted in 1956. Initially the Department conducted the teaching programmes for both the Pre-University and under-graduate Classes. As the College is affiliated to Bangalore University, the Department adheres to the prescribed syllabus of the University.  Post Bifurcation the two have found their independent existence.  The Department has had a rich legacy of Scholarly and Committed Teachers with specialization in their diverse areas.  It strives to strengthen the literary and language skills of the students.

English is a dynamic language taught and learnt extensively in India.  In the age of Information, Communication and Technology(ICT), Globalization and Liberalization, It has been catapulted to an important position, creating a great demand for English language skills.

The Department conducts teaching programs for General English and Optional English. The General English classes are conducted with more emphasis on the basic skills of language, with the objective of making students proficient in them.

Optional English Course aims to sharpen the skills of analysis, spirit of enquiry and also develop liberal humanist approach to life.

The Department also runs a UGC sponsored Add on course in Communicative English.  It aims at teaching LSRW skills with relevance to the present day job market. It makes the students job ready and improves their prospects of social mobility.

The English Club and The Creative Corner are also managed by the Department.

The English Club conducts Talks, Seminars, and Workshops to provide exposure to students to the world beyond the curriculum. It also conducts Inter-class literary competitions as an annual feature.

The Creative Corner, is a wall magazine which nurtures the literary talent of the students. It publishes articles, poems and writings of the students on various topics of relevance to the society periodically. The objective is to enthuse them, to think and imagine and also express their views and opinions uninhibitedly.

Prof. K.S. Gayathri.  M.A. (Eng, Kan, Hindi)   Associate Professor, HOD

Prof. Gayathri  joined the  English Department in 1983.  Her specialization areas are Linguistics and Comparitive Drama.  She has attended various seminars and conferences and presented a paper on ‘Rabindranath Tagore – The man and his Philosophy’.  She has been a member of Board of Examiners several times over.

Her contributions to N.C.C. have been praiseworthy.  She worked as the N.C.C. Officer of the 1 KAR girls Bn)  for 27  years (1985 to 2012) and received the Chief Minister Commendation Award twice in her tenure.  During her tenure as an N.C.C. officer, M.E.S. College won Best Institution Trophy twice.

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Prof. Rekha Rai.  M.A.  Assistant Professor.

Prof. Rekha Rai joined the Department in 1983.  Her specialization areas are Comparative Drama and European Classics.  She has attended several seminars and conferences related to Language and Literature.

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Dr. R.V. Sheela  M.A. ,Ph.D  Assistant Professor.

Joined the department in 1998 , After serving Vijaya College,R.V.road ,Basavangudi Bangalore for 8 years.


  1.  A member of the Text Book Committee for 9th and 10th Std, First language English (State Syllabus).
  2.  A member of the Text Book Committee for I and II Pre-University English Texts.
  3. Associated with Regional Institute of English in their Language Development Projects.
  4.  Conducted Workshops for PU teachers as  a Master Resource Person for New Syllabus texts.
  5.  Paper setter for I Pre-University( North District) Final Examination.
  6.  Paper setter for I year and II year Degree Semester Examinations.
  7.  Guide for 6 M.Phil candidates from different universities.
  8.  Guiding two candidates for Ph.D.
  9.  Published several papers in international peer-reviewed magazines like ‘Thematics Journal’, The English Classroom, Verbal Art, The Research Scholar, etc.
  10.  A member of the Text Book Committee for III and IV semester Course Books and Work Books.
  11.  Successfully completed a Minor Research project sanctioned by U.G.C  titled ‘A study of under graduate English syllabus in the post IT world’ and submitted the Report.
  12.  Participation in various National and International Seminars conducted in Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Erode, Trichi, Tamil Nadu as a paper presenter and as a Panelist.
  13. Resource person in the field of ELT.
  14. Authored the Self-Study Material for I year Degree Correspondence Course of Bangalore University published by Prasaranga, Bangalore University.
  15. Authored the Self-Study Material for II year Degree Correspondence Course of Bangalore University published by Prasaranga, Bangalore University.
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Prof. Veena R. N.M.A. in English, Mysore University 1983. she joined M.E.S. College (on transfer) on 24th November 1998.

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Smt.Hema Prabha ,M.A,M.Phil,M.Ed

Joined the department in Jan 2013.Her specialization is English and Comparative Literature.She has 20 years experience.

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Smt.Archana Singh,M.A.,B.Ed,MPM.

Joined department in 2013.Her specialization is English Literature.She has 6 years experience.

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