The Hindi Department was started right from the inception of MES College in 1958.  The faculty members who served Hindi Department since then and till date are Dr. V. Venkatesh, Dr. RadhakrishnaMurthy, Prof.K.G.Prabhakar, Prof.M.V. Leelavathi, Dr.K.R.Prema and Dr.Manjushree Menon.

The Mission of the Department is to spread Kannada among as many no. of students as possible apart from academic excellence, building leadership qualitites , creating positive outlook and mentoring weak students by providing friendly atmosphere.  All the faculty of the department have been actively involved in translation works.

Hindi is offered as Language in B.A B.Sc and B.Com courses.

Faculty Profile

1. DR. K.R.PREMA Head of the Department of HindiAssociate Professor
2. DR.MANJUSHREE MENON Assistant Professor in Hindi


Individual Profile

Dr. K.R. Prema, M.A., M.Phil., R.B.P. , Ph.D

Head of the Department of Hindi, Associate Professor.

E-mail Id. Dr.Krprema@gmail.com

Ph.:College:080 2334 7045

Experience:30 years

Publications: Translations from Hindi to Kannada

  1. “Ravindranath Tagorera Sarvashreshta Kathegalu”

Collection of Tagores best stories ISBN: 978-81-920244-5-5

  1. “Katha Kaumudhi”

Collection of famous Hindi stories  ISBN:978 -81 – 920244-6-2

Refresher , Orientation courses attended

  1. Karnataka university (02.12.97 to 22.12.97)
  2. Bangalore University (28.4.98 to 18.5.98)
  3. Bangalore University (1.4.2000 to 22.4.2000)
  4. Bangalore University (15.3.2001 to 4.4.2001)
  5. Attended U.G.C sponsored Orientation Programmed from 14.7.2003 to 9.8.2003 at Academic Staff College, Bangalore University and awarded A Grade

Seminars Organized

In commemoration  of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Ravindranath Tagore, the Department of Kannada, English and Hindi jointly organized a 2 day seminar 0on 21st and 22nd of February 2011

Other activities

  1. Attended innumerable National, State and Regional Seminars in Hindi
  2. Plenty of Articles translated from Hindi to Kannada and Kannada to Hindi have been published in reputed magazines and news papers
  3. worked as paper setter, reviewer and is a member of board of Examiners for language Hindi
  4. Workid as Dy. Custodian for B.U. B.U.G. Exams
  5. undertaken tabulation work
  6. Worked for flying squad in COMED K
  7. Editor for college magazine Ankura for past 12 years


Individual Profile


Assistant Professor in f Hindi


Ph: COLLEGE: 080 2334 7045

Experience 22 years

Academic Excellence

      • Doing Minor Research Project approved by UGC on the topic “Beeshma Sahani Krath Upanyason mein Prasutith Vargagath Sangharsh Ka Aloochanantmak Anusheelan”
      • Attended refresher course in Hindi conducted by Bangalore University Academic Staff College between 1.4.2000 and 22.4.2000
      • Attended one Orientation program conducted by Central University of Pondicherry from 1.9.2012 to 28.9.2012 and obtained Grade A
      • Attended Refresher course in Hindi conducted by University of Hyderabad from 7.11.2012 to 27.11.12 and obtained Grade A
      • Presented a paper in Hindi titled “Vishvavandya Ravindra:Ek Jeevan Parichay “ in the Regional Seminar orgainized by the language departments of MES Degree College
      • Presented a paper in hindi titled “Vibhinna Bhashaon ke Sahithya Ko Ekathrith Kar Samajik Samatha Evam Lokneethi Ko Sthatpith Karne Mein Anuvad ki Bhumika “ in the Intermational Conference held at Andhra university, Vishakapatnam, from 24th to 26th of February 2011
      • Have been working as a member of the Editorial Committee for College magazine “Ankura”
      • Poems , Articles etc published in Reputed Newspapers and College magazine